CMSI is a national, full service mortgage brokerage and advisory firm. Our goal is to assist commercial real estate investors to obtain mortgage financing from institutional lenders including major domestic and foreign banks, life insurances companies, pension funds, conduits, and private mortgage funds.

Active in all sectors of commercial real estate, CMSI creates financing proposals, negotiates terms and administers the funding process through to the loan advance. Throughout the loan placement process, CMSI provides its clients with the following services:

  • Analyze your investment in a timely manner to provide feedback as to the best approach to financing the transaction.
  • Prepare a clear and concise financing proposal for presentation to the most appropriate lending institutions and decision makers in the mortgage community.
  • Negotiate with lenders and investors to secure the most competitive and flexible financing terms for your project.
  • Coordinate with accountants, solicitors, appraisers, insurance consultants, and building and environmental consultants to ensure the transaction progresses smoothly.
  • Provide innovative solutions for complex financing problems.
  • Facilitate applications to Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC) for multi-tenant residential and retirement & nursing home projects.
  • Mediate complications and set-backs to avoid delay and ensure funding continues efficiently.

In short, CMSI simplifies the mortgage process, which can often be confusing, time consuming, and complex, saving borrowers and lenders time and money.